We create value for companies developing innovative products and services that are based on customer needs.


  • Toitware IoT device no. 1

    In collaboration with Toitware, 3PART has designed their first product; an IoT device that acts as a platform for developers.

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  • Ravendo with new mounting trolley

    The collaboration between Ravendo and 3PART has resulted in the launch of the new plumbing installation trolley.

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  • Eva Solo with new TV stand

    Eva Solo is now launching their new TV stand, developed in collaboration with 3PART

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  • 3PART at new location in Copenhagen

    3PART is located in Hellerup in the northern part of Copenhagen, the address now is Ryvangs Allé 81-83.

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How can we help you?

3PART helps you solve business problems through specific products, services and experiences. Together we create new products and services that both excite and are lasting, while they make a real difference to your customers and the market.

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We are here to help you!

We work in the intersection of deep customer surveys, sharp business strategies and convincing design to help businesses create new products and services, enter new markets, and develop strategies and plans for innovation and growth.

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Do you want to know, how 3PART can help your business increase its competitiveness and growth through service innovation?

We create value for the customers by solving the right issues

The starting point for innovation is an idea, but innovation is more than that. Innovation is the development of new customer value and solutions that meet new or unspecified needs - in new ways. Our approach to this is a hybrid of customer insight, design and business strategy, which enables us to address the customer's actual challenges in new ways.

Success depends on execution

In order to strengthen your business, innovation efforts must result in precisely the things that focus on the company's efforts, exite customers and increase sales; Innovation strategies, business plans, new products and packaging, store layouts, service training programs and new business models. Over the years, 3PART has helped other companies in a wide range of industries to solve their innovation challenges and create more than 350 new products and services.

It was the designers' suggestion, but we had also thought it was time to ask the end users. We received a lot of input to improve the functionality and to make the charger more user-friendly. Søren Rødbro, CEO, Inelco
We have worked with 3PART in developing a new concept, and it has been a pleasure both professional and human. High expertise in technical aids and design, combined with both structure and follow-up has been beyond expectations. Anne-Lise Svandalsflona, CFO, Netti
3PART knows what the design is about. They have a great understanding of customer wishes and are good at thinking internationally. Erik Boyter, CEO, Pressalit Care A/S
At the launch of EyeWear, 750,000 pairs were sold in 14 days and the number of eye injuries became the lowest for a long time in Denmark. Fyrværkeriforeningen
We needed someone who came and turned the company 180 degrees - gave us input and method approaches. The designers developed new processes that optimized production and were material-saving. Our products were not only cheaper to produce, but also smarter looking and are based on both user and helper - and that sells. Flemming Møller, Development Manager, R82
We thought we knew our products and users well, but 3PART's process drew us up in a helicopter perspective and showed us the products from the users' perspective. Margit Sigaard, Sales - and Administration Manager, Jydsk Barberbladefabrik A/S
You really get value for money, even if it is very intensive. It has contributed to a new way of thinking... not solutions, but the issues and challenges... Julie Lambrethsen, Project Manager, Unomedical A/S
3PART proved to have great knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes- we had not counted on that. In fact, we got far more than just a new design. Lars Nørgaard, former manager, Cimbria
There has been a huge development from the 0 series to the final model designed by 3PART. It's a step we could never have taken by ourself. Martin Smith, CEO, Ms2solution ApS
3PART has all along had an understanding of KEN's products and worked professionally with both the visuals, the functional design as well as understanding the economic and business aspects of the design. Kim S. Rasmussen, Director Innovation, KEN A/S